Monday, May 21st 2018


Short Term Deposits Point To An Inverted Yield Curve

James Jones (May 14th, 16) 0 Comment(s)
After the recent rate cut from the RBA,  Commonwealth Bank chief economist Michael Blythe in a note to their investors  indicated that the bank expects the RBA to make more additio...

Australian Mortgages Rates To Drop As All Big banks Cut Rate...

James Jones (May 4th, 16) 0 Comment(s)
In Australia, mortgage competition has intensified as the big 4 banks cut their home lending rates in response to the RBA 0.25 per cent rate cut, with the interest rates at their lowest ...

Australia Super Fund Changes from May Budget 2016

James Jones (May 4th, 16) 0 Comment(s)
The Australian budget announched on Tuesday will allow Australians to only contribute  $25,000 a year before tax and $500,000 after tax over the course of a lifetime for their retiremen...

RBA cuts interest rates to 1.75% its lowest rates ever

James Jones (May 3rd, 16) 0 Comment(s)
In Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia had cut the official cash rate this month by 25 basis points to 1.75 per cent, its lowest level ever. It was unchanged since May 2015 and this ...

Term Deposit Rates Could Reach Floor Soon After RBA Cut

James Jones (May 3rd, 16) 0 Comment(s)
The recent cut by the RBA in Australia benefited many with mortgage balances as the big banks mentioned to cut loan rates, while for many self funded retirees who had term deposits to rely o...

US Banks To Seek more Retail CDs

James Jones (May 3rd, 16) 0 Comment(s)
According to Bloomberg, U.S regulators have proposed a plan that will disincentivize Wall Street firms on their reliance on volatile short-term funding. In particular lenders would be requir...

China to abandon one child policy

James Jones (Oct 28th, 15) 0 Comment(s)
Today Xinhua, the state-run news agency said that citing a statement from the Communist Party all couples will be allowed to have two children.The population control policy from the People's...

As Greece Falls Is italy and Portugal Next

James Jones (Jun 28th, 15) 0 Comment(s)
As Greece ordered its banks and lenders to shutdown for 6 days from Monday referendum, the question arises of the likely impact if Greece actually defaults and possibly even leaves the Euroz...

Australian rate cuts and continued big 4 dominance

James Jones (Mar 23rd, 15) 0 Comment(s)
  When the RBA cut the official cash rate to 2.25 per cent in February, the RBA said it was "not because things had turned for the worse, but rather because of the lack of compell...

Nasdaq reaches 5000 for the first time

James Jones (Mar 4th, 15) 0 Comment(s)
For the second time in history the Nasdaq has exceeded the 5,000 mark. The last time the Nasdaq reached such great heights was just before the tech wreck in 2000.  When it hit 5,000 in ...

Huawei New Smartwatch Hopes to wrestle with the Apple Smart ...

James Jones (Mar 4th, 15) 0 Comment(s)
The timing of Huawei’s new release of a new stylish smart watch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona cannot be better: merely a week ahead of Apple, who is expected to host an eve...

Australian Real Estate and Investments pushes Aussie million...

James Jones (Mar 2nd, 15) 0 Comment(s)
While $1 million has the spending power of about $250,000 in 1985 according to the RBA, 2014 saw the emergence of 43,500 new millionaires in Australia. This figure was up from previous years...
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